IP Rotation / Renewing


The IP renew feature is available on some types of proxies like 4G proxies, it's a very useful feature that many of our customers use.

We are constantly improving this feature, we have reduced the renew speed of 4G proxies from more than 8 seconds to less than 5.

We currently support to kinds of IP rotation:

  • Automatic: Define an IP rotation every X minutes.

  • Manual: Triggers a rotation at the time of the request.

Configure Automatic Rotation

Get the IP Renew

Get the renew parameters for a specific product.

Set a IP Renew Delay

Define the delay of renew for a specific product, the minimum renew is 1 minute.

Delete an IP Renew

Remove the IP renew feature for a specific product.

Execute Manual Rotation

The manual renew will be executed as an asynchronous operation, the API will return the related requestId of the operation.

So don't worry if the request delay is really fast, it's just because it's asynchronous, the renew will be performed in the background and takes about 5 to 8 seconds.

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