Order Process


Our payment process is split into two steps, the first step for validation and the second step for order creation, both endpoints use basically same JSON model.

Our order process is divided into two phases, the first consists of validating the order according to a defined model such as a type of product, a desired location, a quantity etc. and the second is the purchasing.

Here are the two related endpoints:


What to Send?

Both of endpoints take the same JSON model, containing these properties:

  • Product Id: Which Product you want to order.

  • Location Id: In which Location you want to order.

  • Payment Method: Define the payment method to use (Credit Card or Cryptocurrencies)

  • Billing Period: Define the payment term of the order (Like Month, Week or Year)

  • Quantity: How many products do you want to order?

  • Is Auto Renewed: Define if you want to automatically renew your order (subscription)

  • [Optional] Coupon Code Indicates a discount coupon to be used when ordering.

Model Example:

Here is an example of the JSON model you should send:

    "productId": "7d8f2363-2fc9-47af-aae2-c22043af12ed",
    "locationId": "d6e32771-4733-4de5-9b95-d0ef1b30f00c",
    "billingPeriod": "Monthly",
    "paymentMethod": "CreditCard",
    "quantity": 1,
    "isAutoRenewed": true

We can deduce from this model an order of this type:

  • Order of 1 product (4G Proxy)

  • Located in Nice, France

  • Paid Monthly

  • With Credit Card

  • With a subscription renewed every months

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