Version Changelog

This page describe all of our platform changes. v2.1

TODO v2.0

  • ENHANCED Global website rebuilt using Microsoft Blazor, improving the whole accessibility.

  • ENHANCED Registration, Login, Forgot Password etc. total rebuilt.

  • FIXED Email Notifications: In the paste HypeProxy didn't sent any mails, not even at the register or when a proxy would expire, it's finished!

  • FIXED Billing problems: Invoice only the first month, problems with downloading etc. We have fixed all this problems with a new Invoicing service.

  • New Realtime notifications using SignalR.

  • New: Realtime notifications using SignalR. v1.1 - April 2020

  • New: Improve responsive of the Landing page.

  • New: Improve Dashboard with a better design and a lot of real time charts.

  • New: Added Real Time Logging feature.

  • New: Added live bandwidth consumption for each proxies.

  • New: Improve the administration center with a lot of new features.

  • New: Added Affiliate Program pills in the sidebar.

  • New: Adding DataTables in the Billing & Payments page.

  • New: Added new endpoints for the API

  • New: Fix some bugs, enhance UX etc.

  • New: Eliminate Nagle's algorithm delay to speedup small HTTP request to speedup the connexion.

HypeProxy v1.0 - August 2019

It was our first version of, with a minimum number of features (MVP).

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